Wetlands Sounds

Foto: Arturo Rios

Have you ever experienced the sound of the places you visit?

Wetlands are one of the most alive ecosystems on our planet, every day they speak to us in their language and it is up to us to listen and protect them.

Join us to listen to the sounds of nature. In this moment Álvaro G. Díaz Rodríguez brings us the sounds of the Wetlands of our region.

La Lagunita

Listen to the sounds of La Lagunita, a small wetland south of the city of Ensenada Baja California, where the birds celebrate every day.
Location: 31°48’50.6″N 116°36’20.7″W
February, 2021 / 07.16 am
Recording technical data: Micrófono Wildtronics estéreo.
Autor: Álvaro G. Díaz Rodríguez