José Arce Smith
Friend and Partner

José Arce Smith Better known as “El Güero”, is a fisherman by profession and hobby photographer, he has lived all his life in Bahia de los Angeles, a unique and beautiful place on our planet.

He has been our friend and collaborator for several years. Together with Güero and in collaboration with CONANP, we have developed the project “Photography Club Golden Sharks of Bahia de Los Angeles “, which is made up of 13 children of the 6th grade of the Primary School and young people of the tele-secondary school of that community.

El Güero is the coordinator of the Photography club and together with him we have participated in different activities with young people, such as field trips to photograph different sites in the vicinity of the community, camps, and the first photography exhibition of the club In Ensenada, BC.

For 2017 there are several activities with young people, such as participation in the community and public art-Bahia de los Angeles event/project (CAP For its acronym in Spanish), which they will document trough photography, as well as some other field trips or camps to different places Close to the community.

The plans continue as well as our friendship with Güero, who infects us day by day with the enthusiasm of working with the youth of his community, to encourage the care of natural resources and learn about them, to develop a sense of responsibility for the care of the environment and let the young people show us the beauty of Bahia de los Angeles through their photography.