Case study of environmental and socioeconomic management: Cabo San Lucas Protected Area of Flora and Fauna

  • Management plan:
    Cabo San Lucas Protected Area of Flora and Fauna
    Natural resources
    Baja California Sur

Management Plan

Pro Esteros worked on the study, which complements the necessary parts to almost complete all the Management Plan necessary for this natural protected area, despite being designated as one since 1973 (The marine area off Cabo San Lucas) the area does not have a conservation and management program. Fortunately it does have an advisory board.

The problem

The environmental problem of this natural protected area is extremely complex given that it is located in one of the bays with the highest tourist activity in Mexico. A bibliographical research was carried out on the current conditions of both the natural physical environment and the socioeconomic environment and, based on the information collected a diagnosis of the problems, conditions, and environmental conflicts of the area was carried out. Based on this diagnosis and considering the objectives and goals of the Area of Protection of Flora and Fauna, a set of strategies and specific actions were generated to reach those objectives and goals. A Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses and Threats (SWOT) analysis was also carried out to identify the main obstacles and opportunities for the achievement of conservation and development objectives as well as the management and operation of the area. A very important part of the study was the development of a proposal for administrative rules, considering the current regulations. Finally, a system of evolution and monitoring was developed considering each one of the proposed strategies.