Photography: Chema González

Economic Assessment of Ecosystem Services of Wetlands (2010)

  • Environmental services:
    Use and conservation:
    Baja California

Wetlands in Baja California

The importance of coastal wetlands throughout Mexico, particularly those that have mangrove ecosystems, has been widely described; however, wetlands where there is no mangrove presence have not yet been equally attended. Coastal wetlands in Baja California differ from those in the rest of Mexico, as they are in a temperate climate rather than a tropical environment, in addition to being generally better conserved. Although mangroves are almost absent in Baja California wetlands, the ecosystem services provided by temperate marshes and sub-tidal meadows are equally important in economic terms.

Environmental services

This study analyzed the environmental services generated in four wetland systems in Baja California, Mexico. And it analyzes the institutional arrangements in the market that determine the use and conservation of these important ecosystems and suggests the adjustments, through economic incentives for the efficient use and conservation of these natural capital goods.