Biol. Liliana Ortiz Serrato
Knowledge, communication and diffusion

She is convinced that working together as a team and with a common goal, the knowledge needed to care and preserve the region’s wetlands can be achieved.

Biologist graduated from the Faculty of Sciences of the Universidad Autónoma de Baja California. She is currently working in the area of ​​knowledge, communication and promotion of the association. She also collaborates in the activities of Environmental Education, where she has the opportunity to transmit her knowledge and enthusiasm for the care of the environment, especially birds and the coastal wetlands of the region, to students and the public in general.

She currently serves as coordinator of the Least Tern Monitoring and Conservation Program, that nests at the tip of the sandy bar of the Punta Banda Estuary, as well as in the identification of other bird species in the main wetlands of Baja California. She is also in charge of the Herpetofauna Monitoring program at the Ramsar Site of the Punta Banda Estuary, which is carried out in collaboration with Fauna del Noroeste.

Among the activities she has are:

  • She is in charge of the comunication and dissemination of the activities carried out by the association, which disseminates information on the importance, care, conservation and benefits of wetlands.
  • As part of environmental education activities, she participates in giving lectures, field trips to wetlands and workshops in schools at all educational levels and with the general public.
  • Responsible for the area of ​​knowledge, where information is collected or generated through bibliographic search or field trips of the wetlands of northwest Mexico.