M. en C. Ocean. Gabriel Camacho Jiménez
​​Community Strengthening

He likes to work with people, he is convinced that working with communities helps to strengthen them and at the same time take care of wetlands.

Oceanologist from the Faculty of Marine Sciences of the Autonomous University of Baja California, and Master of Science in Management of Ecosystems of Arid Zones and Coastal Zones by the Faculty of Sciences at the same University (U.A.B.C.).

Coordinates the community strengthening area of Pro Esteros, A.C., promoting and facilitating the participation of different social sectors in the conservation and protection of wetlands. he has training in participatory planning, advocacy in public policies, evaluation of environmental impacts, social marketing and media management.

Among the activities he has are

  • Opening of public consultations.
  • Analysis and issuance of recommendations with participation of different sectors of society to projects with impact on wetland areas.
  • Training workshops for citizen and community participation.
  • Talks and conferences.
  • Facilitate the formation and strengthening of organized groups.
  • Facilitate the elaboration, social appropriation and implementation of plans, programs and ordinances for community development.
  • Use of techniques and means of communication to promote the participation of society in conservation and participates in forums, congresses, networks, committees and councils.